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The new mobile framework extends to the Enterprise Mobility the revolution that Visual WebGui brought to Enterprise RIA Applications with almost 1 million downloads and around 40,000 deployments. Just like Visual WebGui for Web, EnterpriseMobile also provides a classic .NET development paradigm within Visual Studio. This allows leveraging existing development skillset for building HTML5 mobile applications and extending enterprise IT to the post PC era.

The new framework is optimized for enterprise mobility and supports the Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) trend. It produces totally secured cross platform and cross device HTML5 applications that doesn't bring or hold any data on the device (the entire logic and data stays behind the Firewall) and doesn’t require strong local computing resources. It also provides a native mobile user experience such as gestures. On the roadmap are utilization of local device resources via PhoneGap (open source) integration and Citrix receiver, along with Form Factor and Device awareness.

The current preview version provides limited functionality and capabilities and includes about 14 controls which were adapted for mobile requirements in terms of performance and user experience. Currently, the framework supports iOS and Android devices or Chrome and Safari and offers only one out-of-the-box theme - iOS like, but it is possible to customize it or create other themes as well. Upcoming versions will offer more capabilities including an HTML5 off-line feature that will ensure application availability even when there is no internet/network connectivity. We encourage you to download and "play" around with this version and will deeply appreciate your feedback. There is also a live HTML5 mobile mail application that was developed with the framework and available for browsing from mobile devices via this url:

Click here to Download the free preview and more info.

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