New Enhanced Visual WebGui WINWEB and .NETHTML5 Versions

After a long wait and huge anticipation from the Visual WebGui community, I am happy to announce the release of new versions for the WINWEB and .NETHTML5 branches. The new 6.4.0 Release d and 6.4.0 beta3 versions are available after an extensive work on core capabilities of Visual WebGui including extension of existing controls and adding new controls such as Strip Controls, RibbonBar, DataGridView, ComboBox, PropertyGrid and RadioButton as well as some major enhancements to both versions in terms of cross-browser support and performance.

We apologize for the delay in the release of those most expected versions, but we believe that the extra time lead to a more mature and complete product. As you can see the changelog is pretty long and includes a list of enhancements, new features and bug fixes: http://visualwebgui.com/Developers/KB/tabid/654/article/w_changelogs/Default.aspx

The new versions are available for all versions with open sources for Visual Studio 2005, 2008 and 2010.
You are welcome to download the WINWEB Free Trial and the Free .NETHTML5 beta on the downloads page.

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Application Migration: Windows/VB6 Apps to ASP.NET HTML5

Check out the following post inviting to our free webinar we are holding this month in collaboration with Forrester Research:
Application Migration: Windows/VB6 Apps to ASP.NET HTML5

The webinar is free and it will will introduce the substantial changes brought on by the move to Web Applications and Open Web architectures, and the challenges it places on application development shops. We’ll also introduce how we at Gizmox are helping client navigate this mobile shift and evolve existing Windows applications with a new set of Transposition tools called Instant CloudMove.
We will discuss the alternatives in the market to evolve your existing applications and focus on our transposition tools that reduce migration risk, minimize costs, and accelerate your time to market.
So if you have locally installed Windows, VB6 or ASP applications that you are looking to enable as SaaS, offer over private or public Cloud platforms or allow end users with mobile accessibility then you shouldn't miss this webinar.

Extending Windows Applications to HTML5 and Mobile Has Never Been Easier
Tuesday, April 24, 2012 1:00 PM - 2:00 PM EST

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