A new VWG web development Vlog launched

The Visual WebGui Web developers community continues to initiate with some more cool projects. We are proud to present the Genius Code project.

GeniusCode.net is the spontaneous idea of Ryan Hatch and Jeremiah Redekop - the Vlog includes anything from screencasts to code articles while the idea is that Anyone can be a genius. "We've discovered some tools that developers can use in order to implement their ideas quickly and effectively," said Ryan and added that "the blog focuses on LLBLGen and Visual WebGui in order to generate some code demos and routine software, but hopefully it will spark your imagination to do some really cool things.”

The Code Genius just finished recording a new screencast on using custom Urls within Visual WebGui.

Previous screencasts introducing the basic CRUD data operations using LLBLGen Pro, the O/R mapper and the first screencast: Advanced Text Formatting in Visual WebGui.

Visit Genius Code...


New Social Networking blogging concept created with Visual WebGui

MyTimelineOnline is a unique blogging website featuring advanced controls that allows users to document their life, or the life of a loved one and to share their collective experiences within their social network and with the world. MyTimelineOnline features a control originally designed by MIT and converted to .NET by Rob Chartier. The timeline view allows users to quickly navigate several years' worth of postings to explore what events occurred in their own life or the lives of others.

The site was developed by a single individual and originally technologies such as Telerik were considered and discarded due to the complexity and cost. As a result, the entire site was rewritten by a single part time developer in Visual WebGui which provided a significant increase in the usability of the site as well as the visual style. Visual WebGui was chosen since it was extremely easy to use & develop with and it also allowed rewriting pages written in other Ajax solutions very quickly. Additionally, Visual WebGui allowed focusing on usability since the Visual WebGui themes took care of the rest.

Prior to upgrading the site to Visual WebGui the user experience was lacking, including repeating unnecessary page refreshes. "With VWG I was able to create a fully ajax’ed site quickly without worrying about the typical issues," founder John Ruf.

Read the full Case Study...


The new Ajax for Line of Business applications

I would like to bring to your attention the following article that compares between traditional web development and a new approach to Ajax represented by Visual WebGui.

This article is targeted towards traditional web developers that always wanted to bring the benefits of Ajax to their business applications but encountered the complexities and would like to learn a way to focus their development efforts on algorithms, requirements and business logics using a new, highly productive, boosted web development paradigm which provides maximal flexibility, interoperability and interactivity with any other web applications, controls set and architectures.

Click here to read the full article...


Patch Theme download for Visual WebGui 6.3.9

A Patch Theme that fixes some renedering issues for version 6.3.9 was released.
Fixes for these issues have already been implemented in the upcoming version 6.3.10 and will also be relased with that version.

The patch is a VWG v6.3 Theme. There is no installation required for using it.All you need to do to use it is:

1. Either add the project or the assembly to there references of your Visual WebGui Application project

2. Register the Theme with the name "PatchTheme" and select it as the default theme, either by using the VWG VS integration, or by going to the Web.config of your application and adding the following XML element in the 'Themes section:

3. Change the Themes section opener to look like this:

When VWG v6.3.10 is released with these fixes, you can simply remove the registration of this theme, set the Default theme as Selected and remove the reference to that theme from the VWG Application project.

You can get the patch theme from this location here.


Thank You Twitter Hackers

The repeated Twitter hacking exposes the complex and serious security issues on the web.

"The repeated Twitter hacking exposes the complex and serious security issue on the web. Unfortunately for Twitter (Google Apps, Facebook, and others), the problems have unfolded in a public arena, forcing them respond quickly to calm users and resulting in a short term solution (that clearly has not been working!). What is unknown to many internet users is that the problem doesn't end with Twitter's band aid approach, nor is the intrusion limited to internet sites. The security issues don't start here - they start with the platforms and applications that don't enable software to be developed with the proper security. Fortunately for the software developers but unfortunately for the public, the greater problem has stayed out of the headlines of mainstream media outlets..."

Navot Peled is addressing that issue in the following article >


Visual WebGui Professional Studio version 6.3.9 was released

Visual WebGui Professional Studio version 6.3.9 was released.

This vnew ersion includes several new features & enhancements of previous studio versions as well as some fixes. For example, a new simple and convenient way to specify what runtime version of Silverlight that the Visual WebGui application should support.

6.3.9 versions of Visual WebGui Community SDK & Express Studio are expected to be available for download on the website in the next day or so.

Download a Free Trial now >


Creating a Framework for AJAX CMS w/ Visual WebGui

"...Flexible software systems require a foundation that supplies the basic system services that's easy for developers to use, yet powerful enough to support complex and flexible systems—in other words, a framework..."

The second article by Bogdan Zamfir written & published on DevX continues to develop the Mini CMS system with the Visual WebGui Web & Cloud Platform (a followup article to: Creating a Prototype) which will get some base components that represent the actual workplace.

"...These will support loading and showing modules inside the workplace, passing control between modules, and unloading them when their tasks are complete. Modules should be able to call other modules and pass some parameters. The called module should be able to return control back to the calling module and also return an exit status (if the user saved changes or canceled), so the calling module can update itself accordingly..."

Read the full Build an AJAX Content Management System with Visual WebGUI: Creating a Framework article...


A new VWG Web & Cloud Platform Preview version released

The 2nd Preview version of the upcoming Visual WebGui 6.4 breakthrough Web & Cloud platform was released.

This version presents another step forward in this cutting-edge version which is expected to be released later this year. Preview 2 resolves many bugs and issues of the 1st Preview version and also introduces some new features and enhancements including enhanced datagrid performance and enhanced menus mechanism which enables right click events and opening menus anywhere on the screen.

The change log with the full list of breaking changes (fixes, new features & tasks) is available here.

The Preview version is fully functional and available for free download.


A web-based application simplifying software distribution developed using VWG

THe following quote is taken from a new case study of smcTeam's AeX Collection Manager. smcTeam's AeX Collection Manager is a web-based application used to simplify software distribution within an Altiris environment.

The required functionality did not exist as out-of-the-box feature so the company needed to develop a new solution to distribute software packages quickly and with a minimal administrative overhead. Based on a standard software distribution application a frontend had to be developed which allowed for a quick on-demand delivery of software packages to particularly chosen client computers.

"Only several days of development were needed for the creation of the application, compared to some weeks which would have been required with other solutions. Moreover, the code maintenance is very convenient so that additional savings are already obvious," Thilo Ruhland

Read to complete case...

New Visual WebGui Wiki site launched

Visual WebGui, the Web & Cloud Application Development Platform, announces the creation of a Wiki page designed to provide a new interaction zone for Visual WebGui users to read, post, and share development knowledge.

The Wiki page will feature detailed information on Visual WebGui, tips and tricks on how to best use the platform, code samples, control pages, SDK version highlights, case studies, and much more.

The site will also feature user-generated content posted by Visual WebGui community members, a major benefit that will allow actual product experience monitoring for the entire community.

Check out the new Visual WebGui Wiki page to start learning, sharing, and developing today: wiki.visualwebgui.com


Visual WebGui new Web & Cloud offerings' name challenge

Visual WebGui is evolving and as we go new opportunities present themselves. As you all know we have been working hard on maturing Visual WebGui rich web offerings along with adding functionality that you, VWG community members have been asking for.

This autumn we target to release 6.4 which promises to be the ultimate enterprise rich Internet application solution.

We still have some mileage ahead of us on the road to turning VWG into standard de facto rich enterprise solution, but apparently we are heading there on a pace that no other platform ever did before. Here are some of the recent evolvements that we would like to share with you.

VWG will be addressing 3 market segments with targeted offerings based on the same core technology: Rich enterprise web Apps. Cloud Apps. and legacy Apps. migration to web and cloud. We will be offering 3 dedicated and focused offerings in all 3 segments.

We are not facing the challenges involved alone. Partnerships with world leaders on the Cloud and Migration will be announced when they mature, those will be highly strategic partnerships that will take the VWG revolution into the next phase.

There are 2 main reasons for this post:

  1. To let you, Visual WebGui community members in on our plans and the VWG direction and to promise you that the new opportunities will not affect our focus on your needs and supporting them.
  2. We want to announce name challenge, and ask you, VWG community member to participate in a name finding challenge. The chosen names will be reworded by a 5 years subscription, for each name eventually chosen by Gizmox.

We are looking for names for the following offering:

  1. Visual WebGui Web suit - it will be a web dedicated development kit with web dedicated designers and controls
  2. Visual WebGui Cloud suit - It will be based on the above but will add some additional cloud dedicated features to enable unlimited scalability over cloud infrastructure, and further abstractions for cloud easy and native deployment.
  3. Migration suit - that will offer the closest as possible solution to automating the VB6 and WinForms migration into web and cloud.
On each of the above Visual WebGui innovative infrastructure is going to offer the easiest and simplest developer targeted solution, and yet open for developers to extend and customize under our open source approach.

Please send your feedback and suggestions via our Contact form or to sales@gizmox.com