Desktop Publishing Work Order Scheduling Application exceeds client expectations

“Development assumed productivity would be equal to the speed of developing WinForms applications, and this proved to be a correct assumption… the application performs very well and… has exceeded expectations,” Mike Bennett.

Due to pressures in their busy DTP studio, the client desired to automate and control the submission of requests for DTP services with the end result being a measurable and improved service delivery.

In order to do so it was needed to create a means to manage the submission of DTP requests across the organization. The envisaged solution would also provide email notification mechanisms to keep the DTP department and their internal customers up to date with the progress of jobs…

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New Visual WebGui versions are out

New Visual WebGui Rich Ajax Applications Platform version released.
6.3.14 includes some additional stabilization fixes for the on-going support for 6.3.

A new beta1 version c of the cutting-edge Visual WebGui 6.4 was also released with a large set of features and a much more complete set of compatibility with the WinForms API and the enhanced developer/designer interfaces and new customization capabilities such as jQuery support.

All downloads are free via this link