Visual WebGui Cloud solution in the Media

Visual WebGui Cloud solution in the Media

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The Missing Element in Cloud Computing | Guest Opinions | ITBusinessEdge.com

The Missing Element in Cloud Computing | Guest Opinions | ITBusinessEdge.com

"...whether or not we agree with the Gartner report that refers to the “hype” of cloud computing, it seems that we are moving fast toward fully comprehensive cloud solutions that include application layers. It might be sooner than expected before we can create fully functional enterprise applications running with ease on Microsoft Azure, Amazon EC2 and Google App Engine."


Visual WebGui Win Over Web revolution is what Visual Basic was for the desktop

Just a decade and a half ago, the process of building a simple Windows-based application could have been described as a nightmare. The introduction of Visual Basic changed it so developers could for the first time implement Windows applications in an intuitive, graphical environment by dragging controls onto a form.

The web revolution is here and now. Web had become very quickly the platform of choice for all kind of applications. The demand for web applications is ever growing and cloud computing is expected to bring along another jump in demand and usage of web. Ajax and RIA solutions which are web enhancement methodologies have added complexity to a much complicated as is, web development. There are a handful of solutions that target Ajax development but none has really brought with it the Visual Basic kind of simplification that had revolutionized the software industry. Web and now cloud is complex to develop with multi languages, require mastering of diversified skills, time consuming and risky.

Now Visual WebGui does the same for the web development paradigm. Visual WebGui is extending VB.NET development simplicity into the up dated web and cloud user interface. It is transforming web development much like Visual Basic did with desktop. Its penetration can only be compared to that of VB back in the days. Since its introduction only couple of years ago, Visual WebGui had been adopted by hundreds of thousands of developers who had built more than 35,000 Visual WebGui applications to date.

Visual WebGui VB.NET like drag & drop designer for web

More information about the VWG revolution is available on the website:
The new enhanced VB-like development experience VS. traditional Ajax >

Windows to web or cloud migration >


Advanced Telemtric successfully built an enterprise application on Windows Azure with Visual WebGui

Due to Visual WebGui cloud application platform, developers can now deploy their applications to Windows Azure with the click of a button with no re-writes or new programming skills needed.

“(now we can) quickly achieve what, a year ago, would have taken more people, more money, and a lot more time. It’s going to open up applications of sorts we’ve never seen before.” The ease of using Visual WebGui was a key benefit. Noted Naylor, Advanced Telemetry CTO, “There was no learning curve with Visual WebGui. To a Windows developer, it is very natural, very drag-and-drop, and you don’t get bogged down in tables and style sheets and other HTML artifacts.”

Advanced Telemtric successfully built an enterprise application on Windows Azure with Visual WebGui.

Visual WebGui cloud platforms offers the only push-button .NET desktop legacy application migration path to Windows Azure. “Visual WebGui offering is no doubt one of the most significance for enterprise cloud applications. We see the enormous interest it arises and we expect to lead enterprises to cloud migration.” said Navot Peled, Gizmox CEO.

Read the official Visual WebGui Press Release >


Win $10,000 for writing an application with fewer lines of code

In the first code challenge of its kind, Visual WebGui is offering a $10,000 and giving away prizes valued at thousands of dollars in their call to developers to be the first to submit a Webmail application written by another framework with fewer lines of code.

Visual WebGui web/cloud platform's productivity is featured via the "Project Webmail", which is an Outlook-like web application with desktop responsiveness & performance & functionalities that was developed by a single developer in only one month.

Developers can register for the Code Challenge on-line from anywhere in the world, but special prizes such as free licenses, free support packages and extended evaluation periods will be raffled between those who visit Visual WebGui’s booth 316 at PDC or booth V5 Tech-Ed.