Visual WebGui has recently released an HTML5 supported (beta) version of its platform. Needless to say this new .NETHTML5 version generated a lot of buzz and interest which were followed by many inquiries so I want to share more information and the Gizmox vision for the HTML5 version.

To learn more about this new version read the full blog post.
Bridging the .NET power and HTML5 richness


Getting From .NET to HTML5 without Getting Lost

You can’t go anywhere online these days without reading something about the new web standard: HTML5. HTML5, the latest version of the hyper-text mark-up language, enables a better web experience, with richer graphics, animation and web multimedia. Many pundits see it as the next generation web - web 3.0 if you like - and an open standard replacement for propriety plug-ins, Microsoft Silverlight and Adobe Flash. With so much hype surrounding HTML5, and the benefits it brings, there’s one major question that’s being asked: can we Microsoft .NET developers create HTML5?

Fortunately Visual WebGui ProStudio .NETHTML5 enables just that. It’s a unique, end-to-end combination of pure Microsoft .NET development, abstraction of Java Script / HTML5 functionality through jQuery and the abstraction of Ajax, database connectivity and data binding. In its release of ProStudio .NETHTML5, Gizmox, the creator of Visual WebGui has created the only total development environment in which programmers can develop efficient-running, data-centric HTML5 web apps in Visual Studio.

This has several applications (ignore the pun):

  1. It empowers jQuery developers to go data centric.
    Using its abstraction of data binding and built-in state management, ProStudio. NETHTML5 opens the way for UI developers to create data-driven, line-of-business applications, while staying focused on their core skills of user interface building.
  2. It allows the creation of HTML5 web applications now.
    The unification of the Visual WebGui development platform and the latest jQuery animation and rich web interface function library empowers web application developers to take advantage of HTML5's power and build applications having browser compatibility across all mobile, tablet and desktop environments.
  3. It is the ease of data-binding with standard .NET practices
    VWG takes care of AJAX, session management and lets developers easily bind to data using VB.NET or C#
  4. It is a .NET framework.
    The only simple way to do HTML5 or jQuery development in .NET. That means the experience of developing desktop .NET applications, with the ease of deployment of a standard Window Forms application and ASP.NET deployment on IIS, which amounts to no more than copy/pasting a couple of DLLs. 
  5. Uncompromised security by design.
    VWG with built-in jQuery produces rich ASP.NET, Ajax-based web applications with a high performance interface whose security cannot be compromised.
Visual WebGui ProStudio .NETHTML5, by incorporating virtualization and streaming paradigms, creates a unique HTML5 development environment. This enables stateful applications that are fully scalable and have no client security vulnerabilities whatsoever.

The VWG development framework is integrated into Visual Studio, allowing .NET programming code, Visual WebGui data binding functions and jQuery to achieve a potent combination of technologies that achieves a high degree of abstraction for defining screen behavior and communication between database and browser based applications. In other words, this is the only way to write .NET and get HTML5.

Please click here to see an HTML5 email app developed with ProStudio .NETHTML5.

To download a trial of the ProStudio .NETHTML5 please visit the Download page now.