Live MS Techdays Session: Security is enterprise RIA show stopper


You can join Visual WebGui and Itzik Spitzen to a live session during Microsoft Tech-days 2009 which is taking place tomorrow, April 1st at 7:30am GMT

The session, MBL305 Security is enterprise RIA show stopper will discuss the new web 2.0 AJAX, Silverlight and Flash development nature are rapidly puling developers to develop fat clients downloading the entire application to the client. Enterprises cannot live with the huge hidden security compromise they do when using such technologies and this fact becomes a major show stopper for creating RIA in enterprises. Come and see how Visual WebGui and the "Empty Client" paradigm has proven to thoroughly solve the security issue of RIA seamlessly from the developer's aspect and still keep the richness, accessibility and productiveness of the applications. Visual WebGui enhances AJAX and Silverlight making them secured by design.

Languages(s): English
Level: 300
Session Type: Live Session
Speaker(s): Itzik Spitzen

Go to the following website to register for the session - it's free


Visual WebGui released its 6.3.6 RIA Platform

Visual WebGui released yesterday its Rich Internet Applications Platform version 6.3.6 which allows simple and fast web development using the VWG SDK, Express Studio and the Professional Studio with the WYSIWYG Form Designer.

This new version includes implemented support for Microsoft Silverlight 3.0 beta presentation layer and is the latest and most stable Visual WebGui 6.3.x version

Visual WebGui downloads are free and available from here.


Debt Collection Management System Web UI developed in less than a month

Torq Software decided to allow web access the internal systems so that they can be accessed by more field agents and clients via the internet with a manageable impact on the processor and bandwidth usage footprint.

The team chose Visual WebGui RIA Platform and soon enough discovered how easy it was to start developing Visual WebGui screens due to the fact that it uses the same GUI designer technology that was already used to develop the Windows Forms version of the application.

It was relatively easy to develop the screens for the application as the existing Windows Forms UI was used as a guide. Even though Visual WebGui was still in a beta form, the overall web development was simple and quicker than expected. "Not having to learn ASP.NET in its entirety meant that we could leverage our existing knowledge for most part to produce an effective application" Said Apolon Ivankovic. Deployment turned out to be relatively easy as well and only required the team to learn the basics of IIS deployment.

To read the etire showcase click on the following link:Debt Collection Management System Web UI developed in less than a month


A Linux Web based deployment tool completed in just 2 weeks

A new Visual WebGui RIA Platform showcase is published:A Linux (Mono) Web based OS Deployment tool completed in just 2 weeks

The company needed to develop a solution which would operate as an OS Deployment tool that is customized for the needs of their Datacenter according the specific design parameters given.
The team decided not to use PHP but to use Mono (mod_mono) with Visual WebGui because of the short timeframe they had for deploying the solution and since Visual WebGui provided the easiest and quickest graphical development possible.

The development process was straight forward. While the final goal was well defined, some of the concepts and functions were being defined while coding the solution. The Visual WebGui unique approach enabling easy integration of UserControls and intuitive graphical development allowed for this unstructured development cycle which led to an extremely shortened process as stated by Axel Westerhold: "Because of the easy graphical development environment and the integration into Visual Studio we were able to roll out the product within 2 weeks."

Go to the full case study.


Web enabling data warehouse solution made possible with Visual WebGui

"Visual WebGui Rich Internet Applications Platform reduces the complexity of web development to a minimum. The fact that the developer no longer needs to think like a web developer saves a huge amount of time and allowed the application to be market ready in a very short time." said Joerg Stieg whose company TIP management AG ported its data warehouse solution's configuration and planning tool UI to the web and redesigned the HCe® Web front-end.

"Creating such a feature-rich application in this very short time would have been impossible without Visual WebGui." Joerg Stieg

Go to the full case study.

WinForms over Web - A unique approach to AJAX development

There is a really good article posted on programmers-tech explaining Visual WebGui's Web Development platform uniques approach and benefits for developing web applications.

"Visual WebGui a unique approach to AJAX development Visual WebGui is not just another AJAX framework but rather a different approach to web application development, specially designed to simplify building highly complex applications like Outlook Web Access (OWA). Visual WebGui makes it possible for developers to create applications that were previously developed only by the "big guys". While web development environments such as ASP.NET and JSP have made huge strides in creating a rich environment for developing web applications, they have always targeted a very wide range of applications from content rich sites to OWA like applications. By doing so, they forced a compromise that was very painful for applications developers. Concepts like pages, html, requests and responses, which originated from the historical evolution of web development, are not really suitable for developing applications.

Visual WebGui uses a proven application development toolset that was designed for application development from the outset. Visual WebGui’s methodology – Winforms over Web (WOW) - originates from environments like MFC and the popular Visual Basic environment."

Click here to read the full article.

A full Help Desk Ticketing System completed with 1 developer in only 8 months

Visual WebGui provided the RIA platform/framework to build Help Desk Ticketing System solution that actualized the requirements and met the challenges as a cost effective alternative to other RIA platforms. The drag and drop page development experience was an enormous benefit. This compared to the hours it would take to build the same pages with traditional ASP environments. “Visual WebGui claims of 90% reduction in development time and providing the bridge between desktop and web technologies were substantiated through the design, development, and deployment of our help desk software solution.“ Brian Butterfield

Brian Butterfield added that “There is no other software platform on the market today that can give traditional desktop application developers the ability to transition that knowledge and experience directly to a web development environment – providing an unprecedented development experience.”

Read the full case study.

Visual WebGui RIA platform 6.3.4 released

Gizmox released its Visual WebGui RIA Platform 6.3.4.
This version is released as part of the continuous efforts to stabilize 6.3 web development environments. It is another step towards a stable 6.3.x which is expected to be released in the next couple of weeks.

This is the change log for version 6.3.4

Bugs fix----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
VWG-4142 - Rich Text Editor RibbonBar buttons throw errors
VWG-2913 - When image was larger than the PictureBox if set to Zoom the image was not rendered properly.
VWG-4137 - When session state was active clicks where disabled on main window.
VWG-4129 - "Textcontrols" did not allow edit navigation via arrow, home, end keys etc in FF3.VWG-4136 - Component tray did not display datasets and bindingsources in visible space after realoding form
VWG-4135 - An exception was raised whenclosing a form designer.

All 6.3.4 downloads can be found here.
Professional Studio can be downloaded directly from here.

Visual WebGui saves a multi-lingual search engine 2 years and $250k

The new case study showcases the remarkable cost savings of the development and deployment process of FindItByMe.com multi-lingual search engine with Visual WebGui's Rich Internet Applications Platform. The project was to create a multi-lingual search engine that runs as a website that is accessible to the public from any standard web browser. This means that any internet user should be able to surf onto this website with no need for any specific installations or browser plug-ins.
In addition to and as a result of this requirement, the search engine should use a technology that provides a secure environment. A simple deployment process of the unique interface was also important for the project's success.
"In terms of cost savings, Visual WebGui allowed to complete the project with only a single developer in a year. According to John Graffio the company saved at least $250,000 this year since with any other solution, there would have been the costs of additional developers and equipment. Furtheremore, John Graffio stated that Visual WebGui saved the company a remarkable amount of time. "VWG has allowed me to come to market anywhere from 24-30 months ahead of anything I could have remotely dreamed of."
Read the entire case study here.