Gizmox is presenting its Web & Cloud Platform at Think Next 09

Gizmox is participating and presenting at the Think Next 09 demo fair this upcoming Sunday in Tel Aviv and will be presenting its Visual WebGui Web & Cloud Platform.

Microsoft Israel Development Center's Think Next 09 innovation event will take place on June 28, 2009, with the participation of Ray Ozzie, Chief Software Architect, Microsoft Corporation.

The event, planned to take place once each year, will uniquely and creatively present a wide range of the latest innovations in the technological world to the public.

The event's invitees are those involved in technology, innovation and the entire spectrum of creativity, including start-up companies, entrepreneurs, production people, venture capitalists and leaders of public opinion in the Israeli high-tech field.


Head in the cloud feet on the ground - Geeks on a role S01E01

Geeks on a role – Episode 3 is available to watch.

The third “Geeks on a role” episode introduces the Visual WebGui cloud current offering and directions.

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A simple Web UI theme customization video tutorial

A new video tutorial of the innovative Visual WebGui Web Design Tool was published.
The Customizing a Visual WebGui theme using the Control & Theme Designer tutorial demonstrates the new cutting edge web development/design patterns introduced by this Control & Theme Designer featured in Visual WebGui Web & Cloud Platform.

The new tool allows to create and edit image resources in Visual WebGui projects and their behaviors by using a visual point and click designer that is integrated into VS and works with most external image editing software. The tool is simple, intuitive and allows to create custom rich Web 2.0 UI's to the already productive Visual WebGui.

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Episode 2 of Visual WebGui's Geeks on a role show is live

Episode 2 of Visual WebGui's Geeks on a role show is live and available to watch here.

On the second episode the Visual WebGui geeks are introducing some of the other buggers on the Visual WebGui team as well as discussing the latest release of Visual WebGui (version 6.3.7a) and showing some best practices to creating an efficient "lean mean" Visual WebGui application.

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A Visual WebGui Web Design Tool Webcast on MSDN

After a short break we are back to present a live Webcast on MSDN this Tuesday, June 16th at 9:30 AM PST.

The upcoming webcast: Designing Creative DHTML, Silverlight UIs: Simple, Visualized & Intuitive will show off the new point and click Visual WebGui Control & Theme Web Design Tool and demonstrate its fastest, most intuitive way of developing and designing without Javascript, HTML, CSS, or XAML.

Join us tomorrow for a short hour that can potentially save you a lot of time!

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Visual WebGui 6.3.7 Platform for Rich AJAX applications released

Gizmox released today a new version of the Visual WebGui Platform for Rich .NET AJAX applications. Visual WebGui 6.3.7 is a further stabilization to the 6.3 pre-release version which adds support for wrapping of AJAX based controls into the Visual WebGui framework as well as support for additional languages.

The platform is available in free open source and free trial (commercial Professional Studio) versions.

All downloads are available for free here!

To view the Change log for 6.3.7 click here.

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MSDN Webcast of the new Visual WebGui Point & Click Web Design Tool

After a short break, Gizmox is back to present a live webcast event on MSDN.
The upcoming webcast will focus on the new web design tools and will show how to work with it in order to graphically design Web UIs with the same Visual WebGui development simplicity.

Title: Designing Creative DHTML, Silverlight UIs: Simple, Visualized & Intuitive

Abstract: In this webcast we'll show off the new point and click Visual WebGui Control & Theme Designer. This designer joins the well known drag and drop Visual WebGui Form designer. It offers the fastest, most intuitive way (no Javascript, no HTML, no CSS, no XAML) of developing and designing. It allows you to develop fully customizable and extendable line of business applications with DHTML or Microsoft Silverlight presentation layers. Developers and user interface designers are invited to join us, you won't settle for less after watching this webcast.

When: 6/16/09 9:30 AM PST

Languages(s): English
Level: 300
Session Type: Live Session
Speaker(s): Itzik Spitzen

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