A magical framework for better RIAs

I found a very interesting article on asp.netPRO that provides a review of Visual WebGui. The article was written by Bill Haider, a Microsoft MVP in ASP.NET:

"Living in the era of rich Internet applications (RIAs), as we ASP.NET developers do, calls for complex and interactive designs, easy deployment means, rapid development, and high-performance and scalable applications—not to mention the full features of an RIA solution. For a Windows Forms or Web Forms application developer, catching up with the latest technologies required for developing such RIAs requires time and training. But what if you had a magical tool that could help in the rapid development of RIAs, provide better and easier deployment, and help migrate Windows Forms desktop-like applications to RIAs?"

"...Such a tool exists: Visual WebGui, from Gizmox. Reviewing and exploring the Visual WebGui technology could spread over many articles, possibly even a book. But in this article's limited space, I'll provide a brief overview of the Visual WebGui technology, its key features, and the components bundled inside. In addition, I include a simple demonstration on how to use the Visual WebGui to show you how the theoretical explanation and practical application complement each other to provide a "magical" framework for better RIAs..."

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Allowing responsive, secure application for field agents via cell phones

The SES Investigator application is a tool developed to allow law enforcement investigators to store case information in a central repository that is accessible and shared with other investigators in the task force. The main reasons that lead for the development of this new version of the Investigator application was the requirement to move from a single user version to a multi-user version that would also allow the system to be used while still in the field.

The first version of the application was a standard ASP.NET application, using heavy UI controls from Infragistics and Developer Express. While this found to be a great solution on the LAN, when the application was used in the field, it became completely unusable. After the first two versions of the SES Investigator Internet application that used standard ASP.NET and ASP.NET AJAX did not provide good enough performance over the web, the team looked for a new technology and Visual WebGui was chosen.

Using Visual WebGui Web Platform enabled the SES Investigator application to finally reach the most important requirement of usability and performance in the field. "With Visual WebGui the application runs with excellent performance while under even the tightest of bandwidth constraints. Additionally, Visual WebGui's unique architecture and protocol provides secure by design applications which is extremely important when connecting via cell phone modems," said Robert Johnson, SES Investigator Project Manager.

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Gizmox’s Visual WebGui becomes a Microsoft Cloud Computing Enabler

Gizmox announced that the Visual WebGui rich Internet application platform, now enables customers to build and deploy applications to Microsoft’s cloud computing environment, Windows Azure. With the use of Visual WebGui, Gizmox will demonstrate to customers and partners an extremely fast and low-cost method to port line of business (LOB) applications to the cloud at the WPC in New Orleans.

Read the full Press Release or visit us at the WPC in New Orleans this week.

6.3.8a fix was released today

Visual WebGui 6.3.8a was released today as a fix to the following v6.3.8 issues:

VWG-5087 - IE-Button: The right-side border should be rendered in the correct position
VWG-4256 - Button with 21x21 image should not crop image with button size of 25x25
VWG-5091 - OpenFileDialog non-Flash should not throw JS error (while calling parent.Upload_CloseWindow())
VWG-5092 - OpenFileDialog non-Flash should not hang when OK button pressed
VWG-5093 - OpenFileDialog in Flash mode should not throw JS error while Obscuring active
VWG-5090 - OpenFileDialog non-Flash should show frames around the buttons

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Visual WebGui Cloud Computing application platform @ WPC09

Gizmox's Visual WebGui Web & Cloud platform will be presented at Microsoft's WPC in New Orleans between July 13 to July 16 within the Windows Azure booth. Visual WebGui can now enable the development & migration of applications to Microsoft's Cloud computing environment - Windows Azure.

Visual WebGui’s virtualization technology also dramatically reduces customers’ cloud bandwidth and CPU usage, offering a more cost effective runtime environment for native Azure applications.

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Creating Rich Web Applications Gets a Ton Easier (with VWG)

The following analysis was written by Peter Brockmann, President of Brockmann & Company, a high tech marketing consulting company and is featured on their website.

"Faster development of a rich media experience for web applications that are secure in operation has been a particularly elusive goal for many enterprise application developers since the debate about thin client and thick clients a decade ago. Until now.

...Visual WebGui brings the ultimate simplicity to the .NET development framework through an enterprise SDK that plugs into popular development tools such as Windows Forms... The runtime server product acts as a web interface to the application and supports DHTML, Silverlight and other presentation standards.

...There should be no doubt that with the interest in cloud computing services and user preferences for rich media applications running on a wider variety of platforms will only exacerbate the concerns about security of enterprise data and the cost of multiple device support which plays well to the Visual WebGui advantage in the marketplace."

Brockmann and Company researches the business user experience and writes about the business impact of communications technologies.
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Visual WebGui Released version 6.3.8

Visual WebGui Web & Cloud platform version 6.3.8 was released today and can be downloaded here.
This is a further stabilization of 6.3.x that includes some resolved button behavior issues, as well as features such as Flash 10 uploading compatibility and the ability to configure a virtual directory.

The full v6.3.8 change log can be found here.
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Visual WebGui 6.3.8 Released.8 Released

Visual WebGui Web & Cloud platform version 6.3.8 was released today and can be downloaded here.
This is a further stabilization of 6.3.x that includes some resolved button behavior issues, as well as features such as Flash 10 uploading compatibility and the ability to configure a virtual directory.

The full v6.3.8 change log can be found here.

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A Visual WebGui partnership with DiscountASP.NET offers free hosting

Gizmox, the developer of Visual WebGui Web & Cloud Platform and asp.net hosting leader DiscountASP.NET signed a partnership agreement under which customers of both companies can benefit from special mutual offers.

At this point, DiscountASP.NET customers can receive a $50 discount on the Visual WebGui Professional studio while Visual WebGui users can get 6 months free hosting for the first year of DiscountASP.NET’s base ASP.NET hosting annual plan.

"DiscountASP.NET recognizes that Visual WebGui is a powerful platform and has built a large user base,” said DiscountASP.NET's Vice President of Marketing, Takeshi Eto. "We specialize in ASP.NET hosting and are always interested in partnerships that provide our customers with the most advanced tools that make their life easier and their web applications richer.”

On Gizmox's side, Roy Goffer, Online Marketing Manager of Gizmox said, “The DiscountASP.NET and Visual WebGui partnership is a great fit,” and added “DiscountASP.NET focuses on cutting-edge ASP.NET hosting while Visual WebGui deploys like a standard ASP.NET and provides tools to help developers and ease their efforts to bring their applications to life.”

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A practicle guide to gateways - Geeks on a role S01E04

The forth episode of “Geeks on a role”, the show presented for Web & Visual WebGui developers, was released. This episode focuses on gateways and how you can use them in your application.
You can view the new episode following this link:A practicle guide to gateways