Transposition - the success story of VB6 migration

Since all of you VB developers in the present or past would probably find it hard to believe that the old VB code can be migrated and modernized into the latest .NET based HTML5 without having to rewrite the application I am feeling I need to write another post on our migration solution. Hopefully, after reading this and the previous post you will be able to understand the different approach of our solution which already helps organizations around the world move away from the constraints of VB6 and free them to access the applications from any computer or browser-supported devices. I will wite on such organization later in this post.

As discussed before the solution is called Instant CloudMove while its main tool is called the Transposition Studio. Why transposition you probably ask yourself?! Well, we found that this term best describes what the tools do. Transposition refers to exchanging elements while everything else remains the same (in mathematics) or moving an element as is from one environment to another (in music). So how dows this relate to software and programming? Well, due to the award-winning Visual WebGui platform we are able to take the source code and put it in a modern technological environment with relatively few adjustments. As you can see in the diagram below Visual WebGui preserved the server centric architecture of client/server applications - enabling the same methodology of work by optimizing the message queue over the web:

Visual WebGui Architecture

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Transposition - the success story of VB6 migration