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“The Visual WebGui development process was extremely productive and eliminated much of the complexity required to deliver a highly functional UI using ASP.Net” Mitch Stephens HR TMS Product Architect

Middlesex Hospital needed to automate their review process, pull in the position information from those spreadsheets and be able to deliver reviews online. Users needed to have online access to those reviews from a standard browser. Although the manual system had its issues, it did have the advantage of being very comprehensive and familiar to users.

The decision was made to provide a web-based solution that leveraged the look and feel of those spreadsheets in order to insure user acceptance of the system and minimize the training needed.
Visual WebGui was chosen as the Platform for that project. Read the full article.


New 6.3.15 & 6.4 beta 2 versions released

Visual WebGui released two new versions today.

The first is a revision to 6.4 beta 2 and the second release is the latest 6.3.x version (6.3.15) which includes the following changes:

Breaking Changes [1]
VWG-6132 - [v6.3.15] Deploy language resource assemblies next to the Gizmox.WebGUI.Forms assembly location Installation puts the resources in the assemblies folder rather thatn the GAC. That way they are copied to the output folder of the app, thus enabling their deployment to the server.

Bugs fixes [7]
VWG-5714 - Help.ShowHelp of .CHM file with images should show the images
VWG-6132 - [v6.3.15] Deploy language resource assemblies next to the Gizmox.WebGUI.Forms assembly location
VWG-6401 - Radiobutton: The DoubleClick event should fire.
VWG-6409 - The Hourglass (white/blue) Spinner icon should not display to the left on LTR cultures
VWG-6452 - Calling/Causing an update on a scrollable container should not reset the scroll position.
VWG-6463 - Redrawing a scrollable container does not preserve last scrolling position.
VWG-6867 - Listbox: The Items selection in run time should be work correctly

Enhancements [1]
VWG-6610 - Visifire - Add a click event handler on the graph

Both versions are available to download here


Rouen Business School builds its entire back office UI with Visual WebGui

Two years ago, Rouen Business School (AMBA accredited institution located in Rouen, Normandy, France) decided to develop and implement a proprietary information system in-house. The objective was to administer all the data encompassed by a classic 3500 Students business school.

The development team at Rouen Business School chose Visual WebGui for the UI. "When we tested the Visual WebGui solution we were really amazed and enthusiastic. It was exactly the kind of solution we were looking for... The great performance of the solution allows us to manage a large amount of information with no delay with a very positive feedback at the user end," said Stéphane Henry the IT Project Manager of the school.

As a result of the fast development, easy deployment, performance, and professional design that the team experienced with Visual WebGui, the entire back office of Rouen Business School information system was chosen to be developed with the Visual WebGui framework "and after two years we do not see any reason to change this," commented Stéphane Henry who added that "all the original requirements were satisfied using Visual WebGui."

Read the full Case study >



Migration to the Cloud...
Everybody's talking about putting their apps on the Cloud these days. But what do they really need to know when considering such a project?!

Chevy (Fleischman) Weiss & Itzik Spitzen of Visual WebGui have put together a list of the 10 most important things you need to know and check before you start migrating your apps to the Cloud.

Read the list >


Check out the new Control Customization video tutorial and learn how to change the design of controls in a Visual WebGui Ajax Web or Cloud application using a cutting-edge theme designer that will easily provide the UI with a desired design.

Customizing Controls in Visual WebGui >


Enhanced developer experience with new CompanionKit

Visual WebGui launched a new feature on its website demonstrating the platform's concepts, features and controls and the code behind them. The new Developer CompanionKit is a huge step forward in the developer experience VWG is offering by allowing developers to explore Visual WebGui via a live interface. This should provide better understanding of the system and the ability to utilize the great advantages of Visual WebGui in order to develop better performing rich web applications.

The CompanionKit is available online at companionkit.visualwebgui.com/main.wgx
We invite you to Explore Visual WebGui via the new CompanionKit and to watch the CompanionKit Intro video.

Below is a screenshot taken from the live CompanionKit which allows developers to see how applying an alternate style to the appearance of a DataGridView is done and how it looks running live and its code (C# or VB.NET).

Developer CompanionKit

In addition, the New Developer CompanionKit which was built with Visual WebGui showcases the enhanced UI design capabilities of building more engaing, modern Web 2.0 applications. The CompanionKit will also be available for download in the next few days as part of the media for 6.4 beta 2 SDK (.NET 2.0 or .NET 3.5) under "Help and Documentation".


Fully functional 6.4 beta 2 version released

The Visual WebGui team is very excited to announce the new Visual WebGui version 6.4 beta 2.

Except from the fact that around 1800 issues were handled in version 6.4 of which hundreds of capabilities have been implemented and completed and above 800 bugs were fixed, this version would be the first Visual WebGui version which will reach to a release level.

The major Capabilities that are included in this version:

  1. Full support for dynamic scalability and redundancy
    As a part of Visual WebGui promise to provide fully scalable environment, 6.4 presents a set of infrastructures which are all about optimizing the scenarios of centralized state management and memory consumption. In addition a set of rendering improvements and browser specific adjustments were implemented.
  2. Theme designer
    Enables full UI customization and modern Web 2.0 UIs + out-of-the-box themes. From now on, Visual WebGui provide simple and productive tools in the form of a point & click designer to customize the look & feel and create the most eye catching web UIs. Developers can now export the entire look & feel to a Grapgic Designer friendly format (in use in Photoshop) and get back a whole new look & feel.
    Furthermore, a set of 4 themes is available out of the box of which Web 2.0 and Desktop ones.
  3. Control level designer
    Enables custom control creating, extending and wrapping. The ability to customize, extend and wrap controls in VWG has extremely empowered especially in the field of controls resources management (i.e. images, scripts and layouts).
  4. Lowest memory consumption on the server per active user (smart state-full app)
    The per user state memory consumption has reduced dramatically by leveraging advanced data-structures and mechanisms to store only the minimal amount of necessary state data on the server at every point in time.
  5. Flexible and highly customizable ListView with support for Hierarchies and Custom Columns
    ListView has now became a highly flexible control and enables fully customization which turn it into an extended form of DataGridView only light weighted.
  6. Lighter and fully functional DataGridView
    One of the important missing features in previous 6.3 was the lack of functionality and capabilities of the DataGridView which were now accomplished and highly optimized in terms of client footprint.
  7. Full support for Chrome, Firefox 2.0-3.5, IE v6.0-8.0, Safari and Netscape (coming soon support for Opera browsers)
    All of the system functionality is now tested against each of the browsers above to ensure that the release version will support all of the different browsers.
  8. Support for Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 (will be available in the near future)
    Visual WebGui is already integrated into Visual Studio 2010, the first media of 2010
    will be available a bit after beta 2 is released.

Free downloads of 6.4 beta 2 >


Swiss company found swiss knife for web development of business apps

"As opposed to ASP.NET with Visual WebGui you don't have to master all the languages and toggle between the different layers… This is really rapid application development so you can focus on your business logic." Joachim Rönn

Swiss company found swiss knife for web development of business apps