On May 26 @ 9am PST Visual WebGui is conducting a free Webcast that should walks developers/designers through the process of customizing a VWG Web/Cloud applications using the 'Import-Export' features of the NEW Theme Designer.

The Visual WebGui Platform and tools allows simple development & design patterns that's proven to save on costs and resource.
So if you are interested in getting your design job done much easier, you should probably tune in for about an hour and find out how.

Click here to register:


Visual WebGui's extended ListView control is in many cases the best option to implement the most complex data entry and views.

The following webcast explains the difference between the extended controls and the standard "flat list" ListView control and of course what can be done with it.


May 12: Applying engaging, modern web 2.0 look & feel to your VWG application with version 6.4

I would like to present an upcoming webcast demonstrating Visual WebGui's unique process of creating new Web application themes. VWG tools allow a new interface between the developer and the graphic designer and defining each one's responsibilities (making usage of Adobe Photoshop) in the process. Starting from a default theme, understanding the needs and implementing accordingly.

The webcast which is taking place on May 12 is open to everyone for free.